Madelyne Gourdin

Mady was born in France in 1989, she studied Art History and Archeology at university which enhanced her love for the rich history of the art world . She later used this to learn the manual work of Stone Carving and Restoration, to be in coherence with her first passion, History and Archeology. Since that, she fell in love with stones.


She spent the next 5 years working as an apprentice, on monuments and restoring sculptures and architecture, mostly in Paris.  She immersed herself in the constancy of the art culture, which influenced  her own art, making it grow.

This process gave her the opportunity to win the French contest, 'Award Future Artistic Careers' from the 'National Institute of the Arts Careers' in 2012. She passed the Diploma with distinction as a 'Stone Masson Specialised Sculptor, and Restorator of Historical Monuments'.


In November 2015 Mady travelled to New Zealand to discover a new culture, arts and influence. Since then she was invited to participate in three local sculpture symposiums in Westport, Hokitika and Greymouth. She brings European style to New Zealand stone, creating a fusion of the two worlds. 


In August 2016, she found a love for jade carving and met Nick. Together they created Kawakawa Stone Limited. Since then, they traveled the world, following the different Jade sources.

From these travels, Mady discovers different Jade Cultures and Arts, enhancing her way of carving . Every trip has been “eye opening ” into endless sources of inspiration, subconsciously influencing Mady's art.

In 2017, Mady participated to the International Jade Competition 'Zi Gang Bei' in Suzhou, China, and received a Gold Medal for her piece 'Ocean'.

In 2019, Mady participated again to the 'Zi Gang Bei' Festival in China and received an other Gold Medal for her piece 'The Spring Puzzle'. 

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